12 Week Transformation Plan: Where Will You Be At Christmas Time?

8 months, 18 lbs down, feeling awesome and very much still addicted to 🍕
Who’s got photos on their phone from back in January when you set that new year’s resolution to drop 20 lbs, fit into that old suit or simply to eat healthier?
We have just entered September and you’re still looking at transformation pics so I take it the thought of you transforming yourself is still lingering in the back of your mind?
Like a little gremlin that tries jumping around and getting your attention for a little while until the negative thoughts kick in…
“I just don’t have the time”
“I’ve tried everything and it just doesn’t work”
You have exactly 16 weeks until Christmas Eve!
Where do you want to be at Christmas this year?
I can work wonders with anyone who is willing to commit and put the work in, why am I so confident? Because I give a shit about every single person that come to me and invests their time, money and dieting sanity in me.
I am yet to fail at finding a plan that works for someone who comes to me for help and I’ve worked with single mums, cops, servicemen/women, teachers and CEO’s.
If this is a priority for you then I can make it work!
So where do you want to be in 16 weeks, Christmas Eve, party season?
Rocking your new found confidence? Feeling full of energy? Loving what you see in the mirror? Receiving compliments on your hard work?
Or getting ready to take some new pics of yourself come January that’ll sit on your phone gathering virtual dust just as this years did?
What’s it going to be? If you’re up for this challenge and you’d like to transform over the next 16 weeks then apply now and LET”S DO THIS! 🔥
Your coach,

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