21 Minute At-Home Workout To Help You Avoid The Crowds At The Gym

You know them times when you just can’t get to the gym. The cars broke down, you’re on a business trip, or you’ve literally got 30 mins and that’s how long it takes just to get to the gym and back 🤯
Well here’s a quick 21 minute blast that’s going to have the blood flowing, muscles pumping and you wishing you’d just gone to the gym! 😈
Set a 21 minute timer on your phone and you’ll be changing exercises on the minute every minute (EMOM) keep going for as long as you can for the full 60 secs.
1. Press ups
2. Squats
3. Chair dips
4. Reverse lunges with knee up
5. Superman with rotation
6. Mountain climbers
7. Rest
Repeat 2 more times to complete the full 21 minutes 💪
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Enjoy! Your coach,

P.S. I take you through the exercises here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1_esx8jEJ9/

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