Are You Just Trying To Eat Less And Less?

Calories in vs calories out… What does this mean and how can it land you in trouble?
I put up a post recently about fasting for weight loss and someone wrote: All I have to say is calorie deficit. Doesn’t matter what you eat. If you eat less calories than you burn, you will lose weight.
Now you’ve heard me talk about this a lot but I try to provide you more information that simply telling you to eat less.
That’s because there’s a massive flaw in this thinking.
You do need to eat less than you burn each day BUT what most people don’t know or realise is that when you do this your body adapts and makes itself more efficient.
You start eating less than your maintenance of 2500 and soon enough your body lowers your maintenance down to 2300.
So you lower your food again because weight loss stalls, then after a few weeks your bodies new maintenance is now 2100.
And so the process can go on and on and on until eventually you end up with people eating barely any calories yet losing no weight.
This happens all the time and of course will limit your ability to lose weight but more importantly it may be seriously affecting your health.
So yes you need a calorie deficit but there is a sensible and smart way to go about this too.
For example, if you’re one of the people that have been yo-yo dieting for a long time or been stuck in a diet for a while now and plateaued then you need to work on building your metabolism up and eating a lot more before you even consider losing weight.
This is a hard one to get across to someone but if we can build your maintenance calories up from 1500 calories a day to 2500 calories a day then we can cut 500 calories to lose weight and you’re still eating 2000!
We cut from 1500 calories and we’re just getting you deeper into the problem.
Please do not fall into the trap of just eating less and less.
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Be safe and sensible when dieting and you will get your results… and keep them.

Your coach,

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