Are You Sabotaging Your Own Diet?

Just uploaded my weekly Youtube check in and in it I covered a problem that I suffer with regularly whether that’s when dieting or trying to build my business.
That is self sabotaging.
Where you get to a certain point and believe subconsciously that we should’t or can’t go past a certain point. That it’s not for us. That we don’t deserve it.
I have had this problem over the last 2 weeks with my weight loss. I am just stuck at 95kg and keep hitting it then bouncing back up after I eat crap… sabotaging my attempts to go lower.
It’s the craziest thing, I know I’m doing it but I need to push through it if I really want to get lean in 2019!
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Enjoy and don’t let your beliefs let you sabotage your goals.
Your coach,

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