Big Changes Happen When We Make Small Improvements Everyday.

If you’re here then chances are you’re finding some sort of dieting or exercise difficult but I think often we do this to ourselves…
That’s because we go all in right?
A restrictive diet?
Crazy, ball busting workout?
Cardio plan of a marathon runner?
It often lasts just a few weeks before you burn out or it just gets too difficult.
You’ll probably be surprised to know that 90% of the clients that work with me simply start out with:
– A new workout plan.
– Reasonably high calorie diet plan to get them tracking.
– Step goal.
Know why?
Because these are the big rocks that we need to get into place first.
And it often doesn’t happen all at once.
One week we may just concentrate on tracking food in the Myfitnesspal app, then next adding a bit more protein to meals, the next being able to add foods from restaurants and it goes on.
You see all these little improvements each week add up.
Then, before you know it, that humongous rock of diet is in place…
Body fat drops very fast and my client then looks and feels amazing.
You know what the best bit is?
Because they’ve worked on these little pieces and incorporated them bit by bit it’s now part of their lifestyle.
That means when they say thank you to me and we part ways they continue to use these same processes to MAINTAIN their weight.
Often overlooked but actually maintaining the weight you lose is extremely important because who actually wants the fad diet high of losing a few pounds to only put it back on again the next week?
So, yes, it may take a little longer than what you think but long term you’re going to be so much happier.
Made it this far? Fancy being a client of mine? Email me now and tell me what your goals are and where you struggle the most.
Your coach,

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