Can I Eat Ice Cream On A Diet?

Yep that is right! I eat ice cream while I’m dieting!
I’ve tried the strict diets, you know, the ones where you eat ‘clean’ for 12 weeks and avoid everything sweet (Most things that taste good) for the whole time. I never lasted.
It’d take me a few days before I’d cave and end up eating all the things I’d wanted in one sitting!
I wouldn’t even have eaten all that before I tried this stupid diet but just because I was told I couldn’t have it I wanted it all at once.
👎Restrictive diets suck.
Who else has tried and failed at these? Only to be left in the same or worse position?
The key for me was working with my original coach who introduced me to flexible dieting!
Here, I was given my calories and macros and sent off into the big wide world with the only rule: Hit these goals, don’t go over.
Now it took me a few weeks to realise you can’t get away with using all your carbs for cookies and fats for chocolate… you’ll feel like 💩, your workouts will suffer and you’ll constantly be hungry.
But after them few weeks I began to realise that if I ate ‘healthy’, nutritious foods for the most part I could easily fit in treat foods like a cookie, ice cream or even a pizza every so often.
This eliminated cravings building up and I was actually enjoying what I was eating.
I’ve never looked back since.
I now use flexible dieting everyday maintain a lean physique, enjoy the foods I want to eat and be a healthier person.
I saw amazing results within the first 8 weeks of switching to this style of diet and that was just visually, the weight started coming off a lot sooner than that.
I now recommend this style of dieting to all my online coaching clients as honestly I believe it’s the best diet to lose weight AND teach you how to keep it off too, which is so important yet often overlooked.
Who hates their diet right now? What would you rather be eating?

Your ‘Ice cream eating’ coach,

Let me know what you think...