Client Success: Mirna – Leaner And Stronger

She’s now leaner, stronger and rocking out in her bikini! 🏖
Me and Mirna started working together last year in my Shape up for Santa promo that I ran and since then we have worked together a few more times between her trips away to improve her body composition.
Mirna was, and has been all the way through, a tracking machine when it comes to food.
It has been so easy to manipulate her calories and macros because I know each week that she stuck to exactly what I set her the week before.
This makes my job so much easier as I can see what progress she’s made while eating XXXX number of calories and so if we need to slow down I can raise them a little or if we want to go harder I can keep lowering them or add in more output.
After our first big cut we got down to very low calories which I wasn’t very fond of at the time.
Going very low is okay for short periods of time but I knew we could work on this with Mirna and get her eating more while still losing the weight she wanted.
So in between her last holidays we actually sacrificed a little weight loss by working on building her calories and metabolism up.
This meant that she came out of this last cut not only looking lean but so much stronger than she did before too.
This is a prime example of taking into account more than just calories.
I could have continually cut Mirna for the whole time we worked together but we would have ended up below 1000 calories a day to continue losing weight, she wouldn’t have built the muscle she has and this is not a good place to be long term.
Instead we took things slower and now she’s in a lot better and stronger place to attack her next challenge which I know she’s already on with.
Great work Mirna you crushed it 💪

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