Consistency Wins

Don’t beat yourself up if you mess up…
Consistency wins every time.
You only fail when you quit!
And the best way to avoid quitting?
Is to find a plant than you can stay consistent at.
For example here’s some things that will make it very hard to stay consistent at:
– Insanity workouts
– Juice diets
– Super low calorie
– Daily workouts
– Keto
These are just a few things that I get asked about regularly that I believe just aren’t needed for the regular person to lose weight and shape up.
My aim is to make this process as simple and easy as possible so that you can lose the weight and then continue doing what you’re doing to maintain it long term.
Want to know how my plan would look for you to get you in shape for the summer?
You simply need to complete my coaching application form which you’ll find in the link ro right here 👈
Once I have an idea of what your goals are I’ll send you a link to book in a call where we can discuss them more, I’ll put a rough plan together for you and if that sounds good then we can discuss getting started in my coaching program 👍
I’m looking forward to speaking with you very soon and more importantly helping you get AND stay consistent!
Any questions? Drop me a message and feel free to share this with anyone you know that struggles to stay consistent.
For now I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend and ready to kick ass next week 🦵💥🍑

Your ‘consistent’ coach,

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