Damn It’s Cold Outside, So Let’s Think About Summer Instead

So the weather here in the UK has taken a big swing.

Just 2 days ago it was 11 *C and now it’s -2*C. Now that is cold even for UK standards.

It’s hard right now to think of the summer but let’s go there for a second, it’ll be good to take your mind off the cold weather.

You’re walking onto that beach, towel and sun cream in hand. The suns already beating away on you and you’re excited to spend the day relaxing and enjoying yourself. Maybe a couple of cheeky cocktails in there too?

How do you look when you step on the beach?

Are you rocking that dream body you where trying desperately to achieve in the few weeks before last years holiday?

If that’s the case yet you didn’t manage to achieve it last year then why was that?

One of the main reasons I always get told is “I just didn’t have enough time”.

That’s why I suggest starting early.

Don’t fall into the trap of ‘bulking’ in the winter then ‘cutting’ in the summer.

This is something that veteran bodybuilders do as they know that they can stick to a strict diet and shed the excess body fat in minimum time. They’re dialled in and they know their body.

Now, you on the other hand may not know exactly how your body works. Do you do better on low or high carb? How many calories per day should you eat to drop 2 pound per week? What’s the best workout split while you’re cutting that allows for good enough recovery?

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself and work through to dial your own diet in.

You could do this alone BUT I am offering you a Fast Pass…

I am looking for my next 5 transformation clients. These are the ones who are willing to put in 100% over the next 12 weeks and really see their hard work pay off.

I want to get you ripped, that perfect bikini body, photoshoot ready, ready to star in the next Avengers movie… OK too far but you get the idea.

Are you ready to step up and accept the challenge?

You won’t have to worry about any of the above. I will provide you with everything you need in my plan it’s your job just to do it.

If you can follow simple instructions then you can transform your body in the next 12 weeks.

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Your coach,

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