Damn! You’re looking hot…

Do you want to walk in the room and people be like “Wow, they’re looking hot!”❓
You’ve got that special occasion coming up,
You’ll be around family, friends, strangers but you want to look your best, right?
It’s crossed your mind, as it did the last time something like this came up, that you’d like to drop a few pounds so you look awesome and walk in feeling more confident.
To be able to wear that really nice shirt or dress that’s tucked away in the wardrobe, gathering dust, cost you a bomb but sadly hasn’t fit you for the last 2 years.
The problem is that simply saying you want to do something isn’t enough.
I am all about the law of attraction and imagining the things you want but I can assure you that simply imagining you looking hot is not going to create that calorie deficit that you need!
You need to start burning some extra calories with a proper workout plan designed to fit around the busy schedule you have, you need to set yourself achievable, realistic and manageable macro goals that get results but don’t have you eating cardboard and lettuce either.
And finally you need your ass kicking when your eye slips off the ball and you start being lazy again… it happens to us all.
Imagine this time turning up and you actually look the way you want 🤩
You feel more confident as you proudly stick your muscley chest out. Or your well toned booty sets that dress off.
You receive them compliments from people admiring your hard work and asking YOU how you did it and how they can too…
Is this going to be you? I have 3 openings right now to join my group of badass clients and get your goals 💪reply ‘I’M IN’ and I’ll message you back ASAP.
Your coach,

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