Diet Did This

Hey! Hope you’re having an awesome Monday!
So I just wanted to point out that in both of these photos I was working out.
In the photo on the left I was actually working out more than that on the right.
You probably saw my post the other day that talked about really long workouts. Before I realised my mistakes I was hitting the gym 4 to 5 times per week and spending 1 1/2 to 2 hours per workout in there.
This time was not wasted as I will have been building muscle BUT look at me there though… my goal was to look like Captain America but I was nowhere near.
🔑The big turning point for me was working on my diet. As soon as I did this EVERYTHING began to change.
✅My bodyweight went down.
✅My body fat went down.
✅My muscle increased.
✅Energy levels increased.
✅My health improved.
You may think that I bang on about diet far too much but that’s because I’ve been in that position where I was ONLY concentrating on the workouts and it got me nowhere.
Now when I work with my online clients or talk to people in messages I always steer the conversation towards diet.
That’s because if you’re not putting as much effort in there as you are trying to find out the very best workout then it doesn’t matter how good the workout is you’ll never achieve the body you want.
Don’t make the mistakes I made. Get your diet in line!
If you need help with all this then I’m your man. I work with people all over the world right now to help them get lean, lose body fat, reduce their love handles and shift that middle aged spread.
If you want in then all you have to do is complete the application form here.
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Have an awesome week!

Your ‘diet focused’ coach,

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