Diet + Weekend = ?

Nailed your diet this week and worried what the weekend will hold?

Most people wipe out all their hard work at the weekend.

A few drinks here, a McDonalds while you’re busy out and about or that extra bag of Cadburys giant buttons just because they were a £1?

Yep, all these things add up and all of a sudden that hard work you put in over the course of the week is gone.

So how do you protect all the effort you’ve put in while still having fun and not locking yourself in the house to avoid any contact with the outside world and its tantalising temptations?

Here’s my biggest tip for you.

Start to embrace fasting at the weekends.

This is where you simply avoid eating or eat small amounts up until your going out for the meal or drinks.

This way instead of eating your normal meals through the day then piling in the extra stuff on top you leave yourself as many calories as possible to play with.

Now, I don’t want you to think this is some sort of magic here. If you still blow way over your calories even after you’ve skipped meals through the day you’re still over calories and will end up adding weight.

Sure you’re going to feel a bit hungry through the day but you have to ask yourself how badly you want this goal? How much you’re willing to sacrifice? And how strict you want to be?

If hunger is a big problem try having 1 or 2 small protein rich meals in the day. A chicken salad or lean meat with some veggies should be enough to stave off the hunger.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I probably use this most weekends. Even if I don’t have anything special planned I find I do it anyway just so that I can enjoy my Saturday night in and slip a few extra treats in there.

Find what works for you but remember…

If you keep going over them calories you’ll continue to struggle losing weight.

If you need extra help and you’re serious about reaching your weight loss goal then hire a coach. It’s the best thing I ever did and now I help dedicated people do the same and I love it.

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Enjoy your weekend.

Your coach,

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