Do You Need A Diet Break?

Have you been dieting for a long time? Not getting anywhere? Frustrated? Perhaps you need a diet break?
Being in a diet for too long can be a very bad thing.
Now you’ve no doubt heard of the term ‘Starvation mode’ right?
I don’t really believe that many people suffer from it, I think it’s more of an excuse people give when they say they’re sticking to a diet but in reality they’re not. (This is a story for a different time though)
Saying that, I speak to a lot of people that have been dieting for a long time and are at a point where they’re just not seeing any results.
This can be because your body will always make itself more efficient at whatever it’s current circumstances are.
So, when you reduce your calories your body initially will lose weight but it will find a way to reduce the amount of calories it uses each day to match your new intake.
When this happens your weightloss will stall, this then leads people to lower their calories again.
The same process repeats and now you’re at even lower calories and not seeing results…
So what to do?
Go even lower again? Sure, but what if you’re already at a 1000 calories (Yes some people can go this low and be stuck)
What you may need is a diet break, or more specifically a reverse diet.
This is where you slowly increase your calories along with the right exercise plan to stoke your metabolism and build it back up.
This way you should be able to eat more and more food while maintaining where you’re at.
Sure this doesn’t mean you lose weight right now but if you’re here right now then you need to take a longer term approach otherwise your health is going to suffer.
Once you’ve built up your metabolism and you can eat more THEN you can cut again from there, only this time you’ll be eating a lot more food and will actually get results.
It’s a complex process that I’ve tried to simplify here but if you need help then let me know! I work with clients to help them do exactly this, lose weight in a healthy and manageable way that allows them to maintain it long term.

Let me know what you think...