Don’t Eat The Same Boring Food On Your Diet

If you’re anything like me you can easily fall into the trap of eating the same foods all the time as it’s easy and you know how they fit into your macros.
I’m a sucker for this and it’s been known for me to eat the same meal for both lunch and dinner… to the horror of Chloe who would never dream of doing this.
It’s mainly because when tracking my food it’s vital you know what goes into it. When you eat out the chef can add all sorts of things and you’ll never be able to get an accurate calorie count never mind knowing the macros.
So, when I was out in San Diego last year I met a guy called Daniel who was a Mexican guy who had been through a very similar journey to me. He’d lost a lot of weight through the solid staples of diet and exercise BUT…
With him being Mexican he still wanted to eat the classic (very delicious) mexican foods: Burritos, tacos, tamales, enchiladas, quesadillas, chimichangas, etc.
So he set himself a challenge of being able to create these little delights in a healthier way so that he could still enjoy them while he was cutting on his diet.
I can tell you now, he definitely succeeded. He shared his recipe book with me and now I can also mix up my diet with these beautiful Mexican delights too.
The recipes are all very simple and easy to make. There’s also the calorie and macro breakdown included for you too so you know exactly what you’re eating.
Either way I’m sure you’ll love what Daniel put together for you.
Your coach,
P.S. Definitely checkout the ‘Meat Cakes’ they’re my favourite so far!

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