Eat As Much As You Can When Dieting!

No, that is not a typo! Let me flip the script on how you should approach dieting…
The traditional weight loss diets of:
❌Barely eating anything.
❌Swapping out meals for salads or juices
❌Trying to skip loads of meals.
👎All this will only leave you feeling weak, hangry and craving a good meal.
New clients I work with are often surprised by the calorie goals I set them when we first start working together.
Sometimes they’re higher than what they’re eating right now when they’re trying to lose weight.
The reason?
I am not here to starve you and make you look like a prisoner of war!
I’m here to transform your body into a lean mean fighting machine!
It’s the same reason why Chloe (pictured above) has checked in each week telling me about her strength gains in the gym along with her reduction in body fat.
She’s even having to buy some new jeans as her booty has grown 🍑
So change your mindset when it comes to dieting.
It is not just about surviving on as little food as possible, it’s about finding the most optimal diet FOR YOU that allows you to:
✅Lose body fat.
✅Build/maintain muscle.
✅Have a healthy metabolism.
✅Eat normal food!
When you diet this way you’re not only going to lose the body fat you want but you’ll also look badass!
With the added benefit that you’ll continue to maintain your new body instead of piling all the weight back on afterwards as you’ve probably done in the past.
Do you want a diet that isn’t just about cutting your food and making you miserable?
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Let’s put an end to the yo-yo dieting and finally get you the body you want, deserve and can maintain 💪

Your coach (Who’s putting an end to hangry dieters),

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