Extreme Or Sustainable?

Which do you prefer? What are you aiming for? Extreme or Sustainable? 🤩 I always dreamed of seeing my abs for the first time but I much prefer the right look day to day.
Extreme – This is actually me weighing 8kg less than the pic on the right after 8 weeks of hard dieting where I had to skip the treats, stick to a set meal plan and feel hungry for most of that time.
Sustainable – Higher body fat BUT I can enjoy treats in my diet such as pizza and cookies, I eat a variety of foods and I enjoy my diet.
I find a lot of people aim to be ‘ripped’ when they set off but once they realise how much restriction is involved they settle on something more sustainable.
I believe that the condition I’m in on the right is achievable for everyone who is willing to put the effort in, stick to the plan and have patience.
I do encourage you to get the body you desire and if that is more of a ripped look then go for it!
You may enjoy the more extreme side of things and it may fit in your life better…
For me, I’m sticking with sustainability.
I can enjoy meals out, love my training and generally be a happier person. Hangry me = 🤬
Which side of things do you prefer?
Have you been on the more extreme side of things? What did you think to it?
Don’t keep putting off starting your own journey. Make the start today and then eventually you’ll have the decision whether you go a little more extreme or go the sustainable route.
I’m helping my online coaching clients right now achieve their goals whether it’s to turn the tables on that growing belly, build a jaw dropping booty or drop body fat to look great when they step on the beach this summer.
I would love to help you too!
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Have an awesome weekend you beast 😈
Your coach,

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