He Blasted Through His Weight Loss Plateau!

Jürgen lost 7 lbs and blasted through his plateau in just 2 weeks!
He’d worked hard to get to where he was but he’d started feeling himself slide off the plan a few too many times.
With no accountability it was very easy for him to skip workouts and make poor nutritional choices as he had no one to answer to.
Jürgen applied for my 14 day fat loss challenge and said “I lose control after one or two weeks. A group will force me to stay on track”
He knew he needed something to make sure he stuck to this and take him to the next stage.
From some very simple nutrition adjustments, the accountability of the group and my check ins for the challenge Jürgen did stick to the plan, lost 7 lbs and probably more than that in body fat by the looks of things here!
✅ Jürgen lost 7 lbs of BODY FAT.
✅ He now has the support of a community of badasses all working towards the same goals.
✅ His MINDSET is now in a better place. He knows he can do this with the right motivation and he can now move to the next stage.
Jürgen was one of those guys who was READY to change. He was sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over again and not seeing results, and so he made the leap which is WHY he’s down 7 pounds and looking great too.

So proud of you pal! 🔥
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