He Changed His Life…

Once upon a time… In a suit shop, in the little village of Cleckheaton, he stood there with a little tear in his eye.
Unbeknown to him that when he woke up that day it was going to change the rest of his life.
He’d been lucky enough to land the girl of his dreams 4 years before this day and a year ago he popped the question and she said YES! 💍
Now it had come to the only thing he had to organise for the big day, the suits, and this is where we pick up this life changing story.
He’d strolled in a little nervous about the day as he knew measurements needed to be taken.
He didn’t like the sound of this as his recent shift to his new job meant that he was a lot less active and he could tell he’d put on a little weight. So much so that today he was wearing jogging bottoms again as his jeans no longer fit.
“I just need to measure your waist for the pants” she said.
“Yeah that’s fine” he mumbled.
“So you’ll need a 42″ pant” she carelessly threw out there.
“Oh really…” he squeezes out with the shock slowly making its way down his body.
42″?! he was only 34″ 18 months ago, how could this happen?
I guess he’d missed a few workouts here and there but he works shifts now?
And a quick nip into McDonalds had become a lot more common too as it was just so easy now that you could pay by just tapping his phone.
Then there’s the office biscuits, buns and cakes to celebrate someone’s birthday, joining the team, leaving the team, getting married, having a baby, because it’s wednesday…
“I won’t be wearing 42″ pants for my wedding” he declares.
“That’s fine we will be doing another measurement closer to the time” she reels off after hearing this same statement hundreds of times.
But he didn’t wear 42″ pants!
In fact he wore 36″ just 6 months later!
He changed his body, his life and his career.
That person was me! And now I help other people change their lives too.
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Your coach,
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