“How Much Cardio Should I Do?”

😉None if you don’t want to…

Cardio takes a lot of time.

It’s boring as hell (for most).

It destroys your knees.

It often doesn’t get great results.

👉Cardio is a tool to lose weight. It’s something that you can use to burn more calories to get you into a calorie deficit but there’s many ways you can do this without pounding the pavement for hours at a time.

I know the fitness industry has it built into most of us that to lose weight you need to be jogging but honestly for the 95% of people I speak to and work with that just want to lose some excess weight and look good you don’t need it.

What you need is to create that calorie deficit through sensible and sustainable methods that you can maintain long after you’ve lost weight so that most importantly you KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

I want you to ask yourself if you’ll continue what you’re doing now to lose weight after you’ve hit your goal?

If not then what do you thinks going to happen when you go back to your old routine?

Yep, that’s right the weight is going to come back.

I work with my clients to build healthy habits into their lifestyle that mean they lose weight AND keep it off!

These quick fix solutions and fads will make you lose weight BUT it will return afterwards when you can’t sustain only drinking juices or running for an hour everyday.

Work on making healthy changes to your own lifestyle and not trying to turn it upside down and you will get there I promise.

Need help working out what changes you should make? Message me now and I’ll help you out 👍

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Have a great weekend you champ!

Your ‘cardio free’ coach,

P.S. If you enjoy it then of course do it but for simple weight loss you don’t need it 👍

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