How Often Should You ‘Mix Things’ Up?

You need to ‘mix up’ your workouts each month to keep your body guessing… Is this right? 🤔
The thinking is pretty logical. You’ve heard me mention many times now that our bodies will quickly get efficient at most things that we do.
This is why after you’ve worked out for a few weeks them god awful leg aches die down a little and you can actually walk like a normal human being the day after legs.
But here’s the thing.
With your big exercises, you know the ones by now, the big compounds: Bench press, rows, squats, deadlifts, etc. You want to get good at performing these moves.
The better you get at performing them the more weight you’re going to be able to shift.
AND muscle follows strength…
There’s genetic freaks, sure, but 9/10 times a person that’s lifting heavy is packing a lot of muscle.
So, my point is that these exercises can stay in your routine pretty much all year round.
You may want to mix up the variations, reps, sets, weights but essentially you want to get good at them and keep doing them.
Each week you should be working on building up the volume you’re lifting. So add a little weight or maybe a rep or 2.
Then we have the stuff that can and should be changed around WHEN YOU NEED TO.
So if a client comes to be with a goal of getting ripped, seeing their abs and building a good chest for example.
The basics of all those compounds will be in their plan but the accessory exercises are going to look a lot different than a girl who wants to build here legs and shoulders.
And this will change over the course of a few months too.
You may spend 3 months working on building your chest specifically, 3 months of strength, 6 months on purely fat loss and all these workouts will probably look different.
SO overall, there are certain exercises that should remain consistent but as and when things get a little boring or you have a new goal then you can mix things up. Not every month though 😉
How often do you change it up? Let me know.

Your coach,
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