How to Stop Making These Weight-Loss Excuses

🛑”I can help you lose 20 lbs…”
What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear this? I want you to stop reading and go write it in the comments 👇
Done? Make sure you’ve wrote it.
Whatever you’ve just written (or thought of 😉) is your own excuse.
It may have been something like:
“Sure he’s done it for them but I’m different”
“He’s lying, he just wants my money”
“I don’t have the time to workout or diet or even apply”
“I’ve tried it all in the past it doesn’t work”
🔔Any of these ring a bell?
These are all excuses that you are making right now and all they’re doing is stopping you from being able to lose that 20 lbs, get healthy, have more energy and feel fucking amazing!
It’s just like the guys who constantly say “Yeah but he’s on steroids” to every guy in great shape, sure some will be but they use this as an excuse for them to not even try get the body they want.
Whatever excuse you thought of now is the time to
🎶Let it gooooooo ❄️
I promise you that there’s been people:
– Busier than you
– Bigger than you
– More unhealthy than you
– More strapped than you
– Who’ve got more kids
– Who work more hours
– Who where less experienced
AND they’ve done it! There’ll be these people that will do it in the future as well.
❤️It’s time to let go of the excuses in your head and just do this.
Tomorrow marks 16 weeks exactly until Christmas Eve and I’m looking for 5 people to take all the way up to then and transform their bodies, mindset and their lives!
👉If you’re ready to leave the excuses at the door then I’d love to chat with you. Apply now and let’s see how I can help you 🔥
Your coach,

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