I See Easter Eggs… Everywhere

I struggle just like anyone else does.
Easter eggs are everywhere this weekend and you’ll no doubt be getting them given to you too.
One bit of advice I often give to myself and you may benefit from is that you don’t need to eat them all at once.
“Eat them up and get them out of the house”
Yeahhhhh it doesn’t work though does it? as eating a tonne of chocolate this weekend is only going to leave you feeling like 💩next week and probably lead you to seeking out more sugar highs, especially after the downer of checking the scale too.
Instead, take control of your eating.
You are in charge of your limbs right?
You can say what does and doesn’t get put in your mouth.
Enjoy yourself this weekend and it you’re in the UK then take FULL advantage of this beautiful weather on a bank holiday but you can always enjoy yourself without eating everything in sight.
You can do this 💪
🥚So… you have 1 easter egg this weekend. Which you choosing?
For me I’m eyeing up one of these Yorkie ones with the biscuit and raisin in the shell 🤤

Have fun!

Your coach,

Let me know what you think...