I used to fuck up on weekends too!

And no I’m not talking about when I was 4 stone over weight and didn’t have a clue what to do.
Oh no… this was when I had hired a coach, I knew what I wanted to do and yet I still found myself not tracking at weekends and going waaaaay over them calories.
The problem then came when I’d lost the first 10 – 15 lbs, as this tends to be the easiest to lose, and I then began to struggle. I plateaued for about 3 weeks.
Going in, seeing my coach and getting the same message “Track the weekends!”
Then the 4th week came around. I handed over the phone knowing full well there was a blank, empty space on Saturday and Sunday. Well except the one meal I had at dinner that looked pretty good but god no was I putting in the ribs and cheesecake I had that night when I went out to eat!
He took one look at the phone and asked me: “Why are you working with me?”
“Because I want to lose weight, you know this”
“Lee, at the moment you’re wasting your money and both our time as without knowing what you’re tracking, and of course you’re going over, that’s why we’ve seen no weight loss for the last 4 weeks you’re not following my plan. It’s pointless us going on.”
What a shake up that was for me. He was completely right. I’d come to an expert because I didn’t have a clue and here I was thinking I could still get the results without following what he said.
For the next 6 months I tracked my weekends, I stuck to the plan every single week and I got the results I wanted.
Things are now more relaxed because I put the effort into the plan in those 6 months.
I can now eat out, treat myself and still maintain my dream body.
Are you ready to put the work in over the next 3 – 6 months and get the body of your dreams? If so DM me ‘I’M READY’ and I’ll reach out to you 🔥
Your coach,

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