If Doing Deadlifts Isn’t an Option, Try These Lower Back Friendly Exercises

Walked in the gym and my back felt uncomfortable. Don’t know why I’ve done nothing to make it hurt but it just didn’t feel good.
Did my usual warm up, got some blood flowing, some movement in and I went to do my first warm up set and…
You see, deadlifts are a really great exercise but they put a lot of strain on your lower back and if you’ve had an injury there you know 😞
It’s funny because just this week I had to adapt a clients whole plan to reduce strain on his lower back as he’s been having a few niggles recently.
So here I am, hunched over this bar, carrying half of what I plan on lifting today and I pull.
My back just feels awful.
Not a serious pain but I can tell it’s not happy.
So what do I do? Take a guess in the comments:
Put a 1 for continue warming up with the deadlifts and push through 💪
Put a 2 for skip deadlifts 😱
Put a 3 for go home 🚶‍♂️
You guessed, right?
Cool, so my solution was to cut the deadlifts for the day.
Instead I decided to use some alternative exercises that require a lot less weight but still got some muscle stimulation and movement in there.
You can see them by swiping right 👉on my latest IG post here: https://www.instagram.com/harefit_/
The last one is often my go to in this situation 👌
Takeaway: Don’t be an idiot. If something doesn’t feel good then don’t push through and make sure you’re warming up first so you know how you feel BEFORE putting a load of weight on it.
Bad sleep, Sleeping at a funny angle, twisting strangely, bad posture yesterday. All these things can cause little issues.
Back off, let it recover and then you can go hit it hard again 👍
So did you guess it right? 🤓

Your coach,

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