I’m Done With Caffeine.

I wouldn’t say I’m addicted but I do like a good Monster or pre-workout to up the intensity of a workout.

I don’t watch the news. I don’t like to be bombarded with bad news or tragic events which can have zero impact on and I believe it just makes us worried and sad for no reason.

What I haven’t been able to avoid is the bad press that energy drinks are getting at the minute especially here in the UK.

I’m not one for making big decisions based on what I hear in the news as I know how much they can bias a story to make it interesting or lean towards a certain outcome. BUT when my friend Scott came around to mine last week and was telling me about a study a news channel showed saying veins constrict for long periods of time following drinking them and may stay that way over time… it got my attention.

Now, as I’m writing this I’ve been Googling more info and it appears the UK government have looked into it and they have decided there wasn’t enough scientific evidence to actually back up a ban… a long way away from the veiny mess my friend was talking about. Backing up yet again why I don’t trust the news.

Anyway, either way I believe I’m a big boy and I can make my own decisions and I’ve come to it not based on this simply about energy drinks but about caffeine as a whole.

I’ve never drank tea or coffee and until a couple of years ago I never had any sort of caffeine whether that was energy drinks, pre-workout or supplements.

I was a very laid back person, I was often described as horizontal.

Over the last few years I’ve started drinking energy drinks, taking caffeine tablets before a workout or sometimes a pre-workout. This is on different days BTW.

I’ve been doing this for the same reasons you chuck down several cups of coffee a day. I like the buzz, it sharpens me up and allows me to go harder, for me, in the gym.

Yesterday though I was listening to a podcast from a guy called Christian Thibaudeau. He talks a lot about the neurologic side of training and how the different chemicals in our body such as Adrenaline, Gaba and Serotonin all play a very big part in the way we work out and what is most effective for an individual. I’m reading a lot more into it and I will tell you more in the near future.

One thing him and Ben Pakulski talked about though was that they didn’t drink caffeine, or very occasionally in Ben’s case. Whether that was coffee or pre-workouts they avoided both.

​Christian ​​went on to explain that due to the constant stresses in our lives our hormones are already in a constant state of fight mode. Then when you add caffeine on top, this can fry the receptors in our central nervous system and lead to us being severely fatigued.

Caffeine also blocks Gaba which is our relaxation hormone. I’ve noticed recently that ​​I have become more stressed, panicky and anxious about certain situation which a couple of years ago wouldn’t have effected me and I would have embraced the new challenge. 

Of course, ​​I am now running my own business and things have changed a little but what if part of this is down to caffeine? And even that small percentage that it does effect me then compounds and makes it worse?


No more caffeine for me. I’m done!

I’d love to hear your view on it, if you think caffeine has effected you or if you’re going to/have quit it too?

It’s something that seems to be engrained in society right now but with stress levels rising, everyone overly fatigued and ​​​​​​​​nobody getting good sleep maybe we need to remove the crutch and go back to the basics?

This is why I like to work with my clients to improve the quality of their sleep. I say quality as I know you may be a parent, CEO, building your business on the side, all sort of things but you can improve the quality of what you do have.

So, my Harefit Advent of the day is this: Set an alarm 1 hour before you’re due to go to bed. When this alarm goes off I want you to turn off all your electronics. No screens. For that hour do something relaxing. Chat to your partner, read a book, just relax. This is going to set you up for a much better quality of sleep.

Me and Chloe where doing this a couple of weeks ago and she was hitting 100% on a sleep app we use. This week as she’s doing daily Christmas Vlogs over on the Harelife Youtube channel she’s been working on the laptop a lot later and her sleep quality has now dropped into the 60’s!

Let’s make 2019 the year where you take control of all things health and fitness and become THE best version of you!

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Speak soon and Happy Friday!!

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