Is BMI Useful?

Is BMI useful/helpful?
A great question today from @ellawhitbread so thank you Ella 👍
I’m not going to beat around the bush here, nope I don’t think it’s useful.
I think it’s a system that does not take into account enough variables to be able to spit out words like underweight, overweight and obese.
At the age of 15 I was classed as obese on the BMI scale and even though I was a little chubby when I was younger I’ve always been stocky.
Therefore when I realised I was ‘obese’ I tried to reduce my weight desperately and I ended up developing some bad patterns with my eating that I still struggle with today.
👆 Even on this photo you see here.
I input my stats into the calculator and it still tells me I was overweight in this condition!
I believe a much better goal and something to aim for is simply how you look and feel.
I have a big emphasis on progress pics with my clients because I know that most of the time how you look is the goal.
Sure everyone wants to be a little healthier too right?
But in reality you want to:
👉 Lose a few pounds to look better.
👉 Weigh XXX lbs because at this weight you think you’ll look your best.
👉 Build muscle because you think that you’ll look better.
So if that’s the key goal then why not gauge your progress of it?
Instead of hanging your progress on a few pounds here and there why not go off how you look? and how you feel?
This is not only so I can see how they’re progressing but so they can see too!
I know the feeling of starting to see a little more muscle definition here and there and all of a sudden you’re hooked!
Plans get stuck to more, more workouts are done and there’s less “I messed up one day last week”.
Don’t let some outdated formula tell you you’re anything.
If you’re here then you are making steps in the right direction so keep working hard and you will achieve your goal, no matter what it is 💪

Your coach,

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