It’s Sunday Set Your Goals!

Rate your week from 1 to 100…
Having big goals is really great but often they can leave us feeling like we have a marathon to run and we’re not even at the start line, we’re back at the car putting out trainers on…
So breaking down those big goals and setting little ones each week is a great practice to get into. Instead of thinking we have 26 miles to run we can take it 1 mile, 500m or even 100m at at time.
So I like to set weekly goals. Goals that you can work on that will move you that little closer to your goals and give you that little win.
Then by the time you look up you’re closing in on that marathon finish line 🔥
So what is your goal for this week? What could you achieve this week would that would make your week a big 10?
Your coach,

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