Losing Weight Too Fast Is Bad…

It’s fun fact friday and I thought this was a juicy one for you!
Did you know that a study was done following the hit show ‘The Biggest Loser’? The study followed 14 people after the show and found that 13 of them regained a significant portion of the weight they lost on the show.
You can Google: ‘nih biggest loser study’ to read more.
👉One of the main causes – Not dealing with the ‘bad habits’ built into their lifestyles. So when they went back to ‘normal life’ they just resumed eating as they did before. 
Now I know that the chances are if you’re reading this you do need/want to lose some weight but it shouldn’t be a race to the bottom.
By taking things slower and focusing on more than just the weight on the scale you can not only lose weight but also look better, be healthier AND maintain it long term.
The solution? A sustainable approach. One where you adjust your own diet while building in healthy habits that you can maintain forever.
This is what Chloe did above in this pic. She now maintains her lean physique all the time, while eating what she wants, she’s stronger than ever and building up a great booty 🍑(One of her main goals)
I’d like to help you do the same.
For a no nonsense approach to this you can click this link and complete the application form. We’ll then get on a call and discuss how the plan will look for you.
I can promise you 3 things:
✅You’ll look better
✅You’ll feel better
✅You’ll lose weight… in a healthy, manageable way.
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Have a great Friday and weekend.

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