“Make Your Diet Fit Your Life, Not Your Life Fit Your Diet”

Which way around is it for you?
The reason I don’t like having my clients solely rely on a meal plan is because who actually wants to eat to the same plan week in week out? And who could stick to that plan for the whole week?
What about when you’re out shopping with your partner… “We can eat anywhere you want darling, I’ll just ask them to microwave my chicken and veg”
“Can’t eat at the restaurant tonight it’s not on the plan. I’ll eat before and stare lovingly into your eyes while you eat…”
Nah let’s get away from that because yes, this will work in the short term to make you lose weight but what happens when you’ve lost the weight, stop working with the coach and start making your own food decisions?
👉This is why so many people put the weight straight back on.
Instead, I like to work with my clients to build up good habits that fit into their life and will mean they continue to do them long after we finish working together.
I promote flexible dieting which allows you to fit in the meals out, the drinks, the popcorn at the movies and dare I say it… a dessert.
😜Yes, you can still eat desserts when on a diet!
My friends and family used to be amazed at what I ate when we went out during the time I was losing weight.
It was this that spurred me on to work with people to lose weight because they showed me how restrictive they thought dieting was.
I’m not saying you can smash a Dominoes every night finished with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your enjoyment because you’re wanting to look better.
If you’re sick of the restrictive diets you’ve tried and failed then let’s talk about how you can join me and my other online coaching clients to build these habits while still enjoying life and looking great!
I’m here to help, I design the plan best suited for you and my job is to make sure you hit your goals… well I look pretty bad if you don’t, right?
​Your coach,

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