Meal Plan Vs Flexible Tracking

Both good methods but what are the pros and cons of each of them?
Meal Plan
✅Gives you a complete guide of what to eat, no guesswork.
✅Can be easily adjusted as calories/macros move up or down.
✅Provides a good structure when you’re starting out and trying to wedge fitness into your busy lifestyle.
✅Can be prepared in advance easily.
❌Can be too rigid for real life. What do you do for Auntie Margaret’s birthday at TGI Friday’s?
❌Can be too restrictive for a new person to dieting.
❌Is often a completely new diet which can be too much too soon for many.
❌Doesn’t teach good eating habits that can be used long term.
Flexible Tracking
✅Allows you to eat almost anything as long as it fits your macros.
✅Makes tracking food and calories extremely easy with the scan and search functions.
✅Can be used in normal daily life for lunch meetings out or simply grabbing a quick snack at Tescos.
✅Allows you to adjust your own diet to the new goals set for you meaning you are learning good habits that you can continue after losing the weight.
❌Allows you to eat almost anything as long as it fits your macros. (Yes it appears in both as all your carbs should not come from pop tarts…)
❌Can be way too much flexibility at first and doesn’t teach the good foods you should be eating.
❌Often can’t track everything when eating out and so a little guesstimating may need to happen.
❌Simply applying protein, carb and fat goals doesn’t promote healthy vitamins and minerals from fruits, veg and varying food sources.
🤔So which one should you go with?
My answer is often a bit of both when I work with clients.
I like to set them up with a meal plan showing them where I’d like us to work towards eating wise and show them what foods they should be including in their meals.
But I also set them up with MyFitnessPal goals for the days when there isn’t that structure and you need to eat on the go/out.
Which method do you prefer? Let me know.

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