My Sisters First Training Session

I have just finished working out this morning and today I had a new partner.

My sister.

Yep, Lisa is setting off on her own ‘Getting lean in 2019’ challenge and I am coaching her through it.

She’s not wanting to appear on stage or do a photoshoot she’s a normal woman who’s had a couple of kids and just wants her body back and that’s what I’m helping her do.

I’ve set her up with a diet and workout plan then today she came to the gym with me as she’s a little nervous about going back.

I posted about this on Instagram recently as I know a lot of people struggle with that feeling when going into the gym but I promise you 99% of the people are so focused on themselves they probably don’t know you’re there.

I took her in there and we worked through her workout that I’d sent her through the training app. Each exercise has it’s own tutorial video on there but today I showed her the exercises myself.

There was one, the lunge, that she found really difficult even at bodyweight and I could see she felt a little uncomfortable. She started looking around to catch people laughing at her or perhaps see them talking about how she was doing them properly but I stopped her. (Nobody was looking)

Yes, she wasn’t strong enough just yet to do full lunges but that’s fine. I explained how we can keep working on it. Build her strength up in her legs and steadily the lunge will get deeper and deeper.

It’s only like when I first started doing dips. I was terrible at first and really weak. I had to start by just doing eccentrics, basically jumping up and lowering myself down slowly. I then moved to banded and then onto actual dips. Now I can rack up 40-50kg on a belt and bust out 10!

Did I feel a bit silly jumping up and down in the dip bars, probably, but it’s what you need to do to progress so don’t let that voice hold you back.

Overall she had a great session. We didn’t go crazy. She wasn’t dripping in sweat or threatening to throw up at the end. This is not the way to start working out as some classes and programs will have you believe.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A slow increase in intensity, building up your muscle and controlling your diet will lead to the body you want.

I work with people like Lisa who’s starting out and wanting to get back into it and lose a bit of weight to more hard core people who want to transform their physique in just 12 weeks time. Either way or if you’re somewhere in between I can help you.

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