“Should I Track My Calories?”

It very much depends on where you are in your own fitness journey…
Hey thanks for checking out another email and one I answer quite regularly, particularly when talking with potential new coaching clients.
You see I always recommend if you’re starting out that you SHOULD spend some time tracking calories.
The reason for this is so that you actually get an idea of what calories are in the foods you are regularly eating.
Just the other day I was on the phone with a new client called Brad who had picked up my 30 Minute Body Program first, before reaching out to me for coaching, and following my tracking advice he was amazed at how many calories were in the things he was eating.
He had started running the numbers and honestly it’s no surprise to me how shocked he was as I went through the same thing when I started too.
When you first run that pizza, sides, cookies, ice cream and maybe crisps you snacked on later and they add up to 4000+ calories… mind = blown 🤯
So, yes, when you are starting out you are going to benefit from tracking calories.
If you are starting out then please head to my story over on Instagram here where you can pick-up my free calorie tracking video course 👍
Now, will you have to track forever?
Hell no!
Once you’ve tracked for a good few months or even a year you will have a solid idea of what calories are in the food you eat.
This is where you can start to relax a little and keep a rough count in your head of what you’re eating.
Some days it may be beneficial to track and make sure your internal calculator is still on point but once you’ve got this skill your dieting life becomes a lot easier.
Skipping that learning period of tracking your calories and trying to intuitively eat is going to leave you frustrated, annoyed and getting nowhere.
Take your time, track your food and enjoy the journey 😉
Your coach,

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