Should We Workout The Same?

Do men and women need different workouts or can we workout the same? Let’s take a look👇
A question I got through my DM’s and I thought it would be a great one to answer here today…
So to start off with, unless your goal is endurance based, you’re running a marathon or other long distance race, you should be weight training regardless of been male or female.
Ladies, I know this goes against everything you see on TV and have probably been told but yes you should be in the gym lifting weights and building your strength.
So for 99% of my audience, who are here to lose weight and get lean, you are going to be in the ‘should be weight training’ camp.
The reason for this is because building lean muscle means that your metabolism will take a boost and so make that calorie deficit easier to achieve.
PLUS when you lose the weight you want to look good too right? You don’t just want to lose weight and just be skinny? You want to lose body fat and reveal a muscley, toned physique?
This is done by building lean muscle underneath your layer of body fat ready to be revealed once you get a lower body fat percentage.
Now! Just as 2 men may have different body goals and so will have a different workout, often men and women do too, so this is where we may differ.
A common goal for ladies is to grow the booty, legs and tone up the arms. This will mean a different approach to a guy who is trying to beef up his chest, back and shoulders.
Saying that though a lot of the same exercises should still crossover.
Big compounds such as deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press, rows. All these should still sit in both workouts as these are very efficient at building the big muscles for an overall good look.
Then reach into the PT tool kit for other exercises that focus on the particular areas you want to develop.
So there you have it.
YES we should have similar workouts but still specific to your goals!
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Your coach (Who regularly works out with his wife, doing the same workout),

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