Six Pack Workout

Are you looking to finally see those abs?
You’re currently doing what you think is right but it’s not making a difference?
The key for you is to add weight to your ab exercises 💪
Let’s imagine this for a second… Say you walked in the gym today and saw someone in the corner, stood up straight and flexing their arms at the elbow up and down one by one. No weights, just stood there moving there arms as if they where marching on the spot.
You imaging this right? We’d think this was pretty strange, right?!
Then we go ask them what they are doing and they tell us they’re doing bicep curls… but they’ve been doing them for months and seeing no results.
Now let’s go back to the abs, do you see where I’m going here??
We wouldn’t dream of trying to build our biceps without lifting some weight and the same applies for the abs. Muscle is muscle and the way we build our biceps, chest, abs or legs does not change. We have to stimulate growth by progressively overloading it with the simplest/most common way being to increase the weight.
Now! Add this ab circuit to the end of your next session and let’s build some those abs 🔥
Upright cable crunches – 10 – 12 reps
Leg raises – Failure
Bicycle crunches – Failure
⏰Rest for 60 seconds after completing all 3 and repeat circuit 3 times 💪
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BONUS: For those who’ve read this far be sure to breath out as you contract your abs. This’ll add a little extra zing to to your exercises.

Hope this helps.

Your coach,
P.S. See the full workout video here:

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