Six Packs Are Overrated

I know exactly what I need to do or you need to do to get ripped and walk around flashing a six pack all the time BUT would you want to actually do it?
For me, it’s a no, I’ve been there and done that and I’m not willing to sacrifice the meals out, cosy nights in with my wife and just the occasional treat that I enjoy.
For most people to get to the ‘ripped’ level you wouldn’t want to maintain that lifestyle.
Instead what I like to do is achieve the best results possible without turning your life upside down.
So that you enjoy the process, maybe even find it fun and at the end of it you can maintain your new shape for life.
Sure, it may be fun once you’ve lost the weight to push on a little harder and make that sacrifice to see what you would look like. This is what I did.
But then it’s always good to bring it back to a more manageable level.
So don’t think that the only goal is to get ripped, it’s not.
99% of the people I speak to are 30 – 50 year olds that have just let their health and fitness slide as their focus switched to kids, work success and enjoying a social life.
For them, I know that the adjustments I make to their lifestyle will have a massive effect on their weight, confidence, health and their life over the long term.
A six pack is fun for the few days you’ll have it before you return back to normal eating but for me, my goal is to get as many people to a healthy manageable weight that they can maintain FOREVER and be happy.
So if this sounds like you and you want to see how you can make the adjustments to your life to get you healthier and fitter then simply click the link below:
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It’s time we started training smarter not harder.
Your coach,

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