Sometime, you just need a little reassurance…

I grew up in a very traditional family when it comes to jobs and your career. So, I’m sure you can imagine, going down the solo route, quitting my job as a Police Officer and explaining about working online as a fitness coach with clients all over the world was a hard one to explain.

But, I pushed the boundaries and now I am super happy I did rather than sticking with, what I thought at the time, was the right path.

It does leave me without a lot of friends, family or colleagues that are in the same situation and so when it comes to getting advice or just having a general moan it’s difficult.

​​​​​​Me and Chloe talk a lot about our businesses but just as I don’t understand the ins and outs of YouTube for her channel Harelife she doesn’t understand everything to do with coaching.

That’s where meeting a friend like Sam comes in. He’s also an online coach and when we met back in Toronto we clicked as we have a lot in common way beyond us both coaching.

Yesterday, we jumped on a call together and just chatted about all things business, the struggles, the wins and showed each other some bits that we found worked.

While on the call I was talking to Sam about business growth and how I want it to move faster… who doesn’t right?

Then Sam said, in his coaching way, “Lee, you just need to give it time, It’ll come.​​​​​​​​ It’s only the other day that I was telling my partner how successful I know you’re going to be due to the great content you put out for everyone”

I felt awesome coming off that call you know.

I know I will do well but just having that confirmation to keep doing what I’m doing, have that person to bounce ideas off and get experienced advice is gold…

Now, how to relate this situation to fitness???

Well, if we swap out me for a coaching client.

The growth of business as faster weight loss.

Sam as me…

Yeah, right there we pretty much have 90% of the coaching calls I have with clients.

Everyone wants their weight loss to go faster, you hit your calories, you sweat it out in the gym and you want that scale to move!

It’s my job to keep you patient, build the mindset you need to push through and the mindset to be able to maintain the weight long after we get it off.

That’s the main job of a coach. Most think it’s designing the workouts and advising on nutrition but that’s the easy bit.

The hard bits keeping you on track when the scale doesn’t move, getting you out to the gym when it’s freezing outside or getting you to think about your 6 month goal when there’s a box of mince pies sat waiting to be demolished in the cupboard.

That’s the challenge of a coach and I love it! Thanks Sam for giving me a little of your coaching wisdom last night and if you’re in need of a guide, the experience and level headedness to keep you pushing through this crazy weight loss journey…

==> Apply here to be coached by me right now.

It’s what I love and I can’t wait to help you solve whatever problems, issues or just plain laziness you’re dealing with. Have no fear I will have felt it before myself.

I’ll speak to you very soon I’m sure.
Have an awesome weekend,

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