Stop Eating Crap Like This For Breakfast!

The funny thing is I suggest fasting as a great tool to use when dieting but the phrase I get all the time is “BUT Lee! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

Then I look at what most people eat at breakfast and it’s shocking…
👎 A bowl full of sugary cereal
👎 A large Starbucks Hazelnut, choca, mocha, ‘Coffee’ with extra cream 😉
👎 A stack of sugar filled pancakes topped with… yep more sugar.
👎 ‘Breakfast bars’ (Chocolate bars dressed up in a fancy breakfast frock)
The list goes on and on…
These types of breakfast set you up for a rollercoaster of a day, where you’ll constantly be seeking that next sugar high!
So here’s my advice:
1️⃣ Either swap out your crappy breakfast for a great one! For example: Eggs on toast with some Avocado 😋A great mix of protein, fat and carbs that’ll keep you full for hours.
2️⃣ Skip breakfast! That’s right I said it. You can safely skip breakfast and you ‘ll be completely fine. If anything it may improve your health if you’re currently tucking into the sugar laden options I listed above.
When you wake up simply concentrate on getting some hydration into your body. Be sure to drink plenty of water as this is what your body really wants when you wake up.
What are you eating for breaky?
If you like this advice and you need some specific for you then please message me and let me know where you’re struggling. I have free calorie calculators, workouts, guides, I can give advice too plus I have fat loss programs and my Online Coaching too!
I’m here to help you and i want to help you so reach out, say hello and let me know what I can do for you.
Your ‘here to help’ coach,

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