Stop Setting Yourself Up For Failure

This is why me & YOU will succeed…
I realised recently that I am very grateful for a lot of things that have happened in my life but a lot of them things didn’t happen by accident.
I work bloody hard for the things I want and the key…
The “What if this doesn’t work…”
NEVER, EVER enters my brain.
I find the language used when talking to someone about losing weight really interesting. They’ll tell me how they were ‘going to try X’, ‘having a go at Y’ and one day they ‘might look like Z’…
You know when I first committed to working with a coach I knew he could help me drop the weight I wanted and I just had to do what he said to succeed.
He told me, while at this shoot, that I was one of very few people that got such great results I did working with him, not because he wasn’t a great coach because he was exceptional, but because they just didn’t follow the plan, they didn’t believe they could do it and they just didn’t get exceptional results… which is what we’re here for right?!
Stop using words like TRY, MAYBE, ONE DAY, I’M GOING TO…
Instead take control and commit to what you want.
You WILL lose the weight.
You ARE starting Monday.
“I AM a success.”
The mindset you enter this with is going to massively effect the results that you come out the other end with.
So what’s it going to be? You going to keep doing what you’re doing now and getting the same results?
Or are you going to change your mindset, set the goal and crush this? 🔥
I want to know what you ARE going to achieve? and let’s commit to getting this done!
Your coach,

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