Stop Weekend Weight Gain: My Weight Loss Trick

👋Will your choices this weekend pull you closer to your goals or push you away?
I’m not saying we have to be nuns here but how many times have you crushed a week of workouts and nailed the food to only find yourself staring at a bloated stomach and the same number on the scale come Monday?
The problem for most is being able to find the balance. Often we’re either ON a diet or we are waaaayyyyy OFF it right?!
And this switch can happen in the blink of an eye, you get offered some sweets, you smell a pizza joint, you try have just one bite of the dessert…
But what if you could fit the foods you want to eat into your diet this weekend, through to next week and beyond without having to worry about the scale going the wrong way?
By setting up a flexible diet where we are focused on the important bits like the calories and macros in the right proportions this allows you to eat the good options where you can but also enjoy the foods you want too.
The right strategies can also be implemented on weekends for meals out, nights away and even festivals!
I had date night Wednesday night and we went to the cinema. Now I’m cutting very successfully but you better believe I still chucked down some popcorn and a back of giant buttons… GUILT FREE!
Developing this new mindset & these new strategies are the key to you losing weight, enjoying it AND knowing exactly how you can keep the weight off for good over the long term.
So who’s ready to learn? From one foodie to another? Apply here right now to reserve your spot!
Your coach,

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