The Rockstar Friday Night’s I Lead…

Let’s start off with an apology here.

I woke up from a beautiful nap last night. I had the imprint of the couch on my cheek and Chloe had nicely posted up a pic on Insta of my open mouthed sleeping.

Yep that’s the rockstar Friday nights I lead.

But as I woke up and dragged myself upstairs to bed where I found, due to said beautiful nap, I was then not able to fall asleep until 1am this morning I realised something.

​​​​​​​​I did not email you yesterday.

​​Now I know there will have been tears, constant refreshing of your emails to desperately see what i’d been upto and yes my picture may now be on milk cartons around the world.

So I apologise for that, it was just one of them really busy days with a surprise appearance in there from my dad who whisked me off to Leeds to help him out with a job for his own business. The cheek of it.

​​​​The lesson I did learn though was that I need to apply what i do fitness wise to my business too.

I workout in the mornings, as early as possible. Or sometimes it’s just as soon as I can drag Chloe out of the house as she takes forever to get ready…

I’ve also now started walking back from the gym too. This is purely because when I leave it for the afternoon it just never happens and I want to do it.

So this needs to apply to my business too. I love sending out these emails to you and I love the responses that I get. So it’s something I want to keep on top of just like my fitness.

So this will now be an early morning job, probably while I’m waiting for Chloe to apply the war paint and fix the hair.

What things do you do early doors to make sure they get done?

Your coach,

Let me know what you think...