The Sunday Check In!

After such an awesome response to my check in last weekend I thought I’d do it again this week.
I highly encourage you to send me a recap of your week as quite a few of you did. Use this as your own check in with me. Let me know what went good, what went bad and where you need to improve.
You’ll be amazed at how your accountability to staying on plan goes up when you know you have to tell someone about it at the end of the week.
Here’s my check in for this week, with my pics too:

Get Lean In 2019 Check In: Week 10 🔥
Summary: Loving been back to LEAN!
Weight: 94.9 kg (Down 1.2kg from last week. 5.6kg/12.3lb down overall)
Stoked to be back to this body shape! THIS is where I always want to be and my goal now is to maintain this for the year and show you that it’s possible to do so… pretty easily.
The combination of flexible dieting, weight lifting workouts and a little output through steps or HIIT is all I need to maintain this.
PLUS I am now at a stage where if I really want to get that extra 5% and look ripped it would only take a few weeks of serious dieting.
Would you like to get to this stage? Where you can live year round with a lean physique and only need to put a little extra effort in for a few weeks to get that beach bod?
I’ve done nothing here that I don’t recommend to my clients.
I work to shave off that initial ‘puffiness’, reduce the body fat down all while building that lean muscle.
Then once you’re at a comfortable level we can then move into maintenance which is where I’m at now!
Now I get to work on building my metabolism up for the next few months in the run up to summer so I can eat more and maintain this level of body fat 🔥
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Next week:
Calories – Calories will remain at the 1900 I have them set at and I have started to incorporate 500 calorie fasting days if I have any days where I go over to make up for it. I’ve found this works really well for me.
Workouts – Still getting stronger. I’ve now hit over 100kg on the bench and pushing over 80kg on the squat which has always been a difficult lift for me.
Do you need help?
I help people turn the tables on their body fat and start burning it off, build your confidence back up, increase your energy levels AND get their sexy back!
Your coach,

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