This Is Why I Fast…

Last night, Sunday night, I like to relax and eat a couple of treats like most of you probably do.
Now you may have the image of me having to sit their with a tupperware of chicken and broccoli as I’m currently dropping weight but that is far from the truth.
Last night I was able to eat a beautiful macaroni cheese topped with Doritos chilli heatwave crisps (Yes it’s a great combo you can thank me later)
Then for dessert I ate not 1 but 2 chunky chocolate chip shortbread squares.
The main WOW factor here is that I never went over my calories.
I use fasting on a daily basis to allow me to hit my calories and macros with ease while also enjoying big meals that leave me feeling full.
Now, I don’t want you to think that I eat like this all the time as I don’t. I’m not another Instagram coach trying to tell you that you can get defined abs by eating donuts daily, but, dieting life is made so much easier when you use fasting.
This is just one of the tools I use to lose weight and still eat like a normal human being.

I share information like this plus so much more with my coaching clients as each piece of information is tailored to their own circumstances. For some fasting may work great for others it could be the worse thing ever.

That’s why you need the individual approach,​​​​ that’s why you need to come join me and my online coaching clients that are crushing their weight loss goals right now.

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