Track Your Food, To Lose Weight Faster

Quite often I will speak to someone who is ‘tracking’ their food yet not seeing the results they were expecting.
“Everything that’s going in your mouth getting tracked, right?”
“Yep everything”
“Hmmm… are you weighing everything?”
“Yeah, kinda. Sometimes I’ll just guess little things”
💥and here we have it!
Take this very small example here 👆
A simple spoon of peanut butter wrongly guessed each day can add up to almost 3000 calories across the month.
If you’re aiming for a deficit of 3000 calories per week then this could put you back by a weeks progress every single month!
So what do I recommend?
1. Initially you need to track EVERYTHING.
The main reason is so that we know exactly what’s going in and then how this affects your weight loss/measurements/progress pics.
It also allows you to see what the serving sizes look like too. So eventually you can be a little more relaxed and not weigh everything but you’ll be making an educated guess as to what’s right.
2. If you’ve been doing this a while and you think you know what the measurements look like have a day or 2 a week where you go back to weighing just to keep everything in check ✅
Building this skill of being able to accurately eyeball a portion is just that, a skill. It takes practice and you will get better and better.
Which foods do you let slide a little too often? And who’s off to have a (measured) tablespoon of peanut butter?? 🤪Let me know 👇
​Your coach,

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