What to Do When You’ve Got No Clue What To Do To Lose Weight

I get that, you’re probably working out, eating right yet not seeing the results on the scale right?
The problem could be in many different areas. The workouts you’ve been told where good may be rubbish for your specific goals.
The diet you’re doing may mean you’re undereating, over eating or not eating the right foods (Cough KETO…).
You’re focusing so much on the scale that you’re wound up, stressed out and your body isn’t a good position to drop the weight.
So how do you get moving in the right direction?
Honestly, if your car started making a grinding noise tomorrow what would you do?
See a mechanic right?
So if your weight loss plan isn’t working then what should you do?
There’s a reason why us online coaches exist.
A quick 10 minute chat with you could mean I could know the exact reason you’re not where you want to be, and it’s probably a lot simpler than a whole new engine!
Of course I’d love to work with you full time too but one thing I make sure of everytime I talk with someone is that they go away from the call knowing exactly where they need to work on/change ❤️
So who wants to know what’s holding them back? Or what to even actually do?
I want you to do this right now too. Don’t slide away thinking ‘Yeah I’ll do that later…’ because it won’t happen!
Have an awesome Monday you rockstar!
Your coach,

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