Which Diet Do I Recommend?

So many questions asking which is the best diet?
I hate to break it to you but you already have A diet it just isn’t a good one… right now. 👇
I know why you may be seeking out a whole new diet.
🗝You think there’s some secret key to this weight loss thing and we’re hiding it from you…
Let me put it to bed for you there isn’t. 🤷
People are getting lean through finding out what works for them and consistently doing it over and over and over and over again.
👉It’s not sexy but it’s the truth.
I like setting calories and macros for most of the clients I work with because then they have to make their diet fit these goals.
So they will probably start adding more protein to their meals to hit their protein target.
Remove some of the carbs as they’re too high.
Avoid the mid afternoon chocolate bar otherwise they’ll have no calories left for dinner tonight and they’ll be eating a peasants dinner.
What happens is, while you’re doing this you’re building these new eating habits into your life.
Then when you’ve lost the weight and you say ‘Thanks Lee for all your hard work, knowledge and my new banging body! I think I’d like to take it from here’
You’re going to get up the next day and CONTINUE eating just as you’ve been doing for the last 6 months while working with me!

Not wondering how you eat without following a meal plan.

Or how you now incorporate carbs into your life.

Or what you eat now you aren’t only drinking juices 😂​​​​​​
I’ll say it again: You don’t need a new diet you just need to tweak the one you’ve got and you WILL lose the weight you want AND keep it off.
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🚨If you know someone who’s always switching and swapping their diet or jumping on the latest diet trend then please send them my way by sharing this with them. I’d love to help them finally find something that works 👍
For now, keep consistent people you will get there!
Your ‘always here for you’ coach,
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