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Get Lean In 2019 Check In: Week 11 🔥
Summary: It’s my marathon and I’ll run it however I want 😉
Weight: 95.1 kg (5.4kg/11.9 lb down since Jan)
That’s right this is a marathon not a sprint!
If you didn’t watch my Youtube video this week then you won’t know this but I made a big change.
I do not see getting lean as a ‘wham, bam, thank you mam’… that’s done now let’s get back to eating as I was and piling it all back on.
If that’s what you want then I’m not the coach for you but fear not there’s plenty of people on Insta that will show you how to drop weight fast, ruin your metabolism and leave you back at square one…
Anyway, after successfully dieting for 10 weeks since January I am happy right now at where I’m at.
Lean with a reasonable amount of definition and only a few weeks out of being holiday body ready.
I wasn’t ready to go hard and get that extra few % body fat off right now.
I, like most, don’t enjoy dieting and so after 10 weeks I’m rewarding myself with a couple of weeks of maintenance.
That’s because when you’re in this for the long term you can drop a load of body fat, maintain, drop a bit more, maintain, etc and this is a very healthy approach too.
It’s not just about stripping body fat as fast as possible you have to be happy too. That’s what I’m about.
What’s the point in looking great if you’re miserable?
Next week:
Calories – I’m using a combination the 5/2 and 18/6 fasts plus some intuitive eating to allow me to eat big meals that I’m really enjoying but still hit maintenance calories.
Workouts – Same as last week. Always building that strength 💪
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