Who Likes Pancakes?

You know that I’m all about enjoying delicious foods that most diets will make you class as a ‘Sin’ or ‘bad’ foods and I’ve just seen this awesome article from MyFitnessPal with 7 pancake recipes all under 300 calories per serving!
*cough* Fathers day on Sunday anyone? *cough*
Check it out here, pick your favourite and be sure to get the ingredients you need for the weekend!
Best of all… you can log them straight into MyFitnessPal! So you’ll still know exactly how many calories you’ve eaten and be able to stay right on track 👌
Some of the recipes call for protein powder to bump up the muscle building ability and as always I’d recommend MyProtein’s Impact Whey for that job. Simple, effective, great value and none of the useless BS these charlatan companies claim will turn you into one of these steroid monsters overnight.
Anyway, enjoy the pancakes this weekend and if you make some be sure to tag me @harefit_ in your posts on Insta so I can share 👍
Your coach,

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