Why a Low-Carb Diet Isn’t Better for Fat Loss

If you don’t like the following then me and you CAN’T be friends: 🍕🍩🍔🍪🍰🍿
Okay I’m kidding…
But let’s be serious…
How long are you willing to go without eating carbs?
Unless the answer that pops into your head is “For the rest of my life” then this is not the diet strategy for you.
Chances are you cut out bread in the past and you lost a little weight right?
Of course you did.
If I cut out all nice foods I like to eat in my diet I’d lose weight too. Not because it’s them foods making me fat but because I’d be eating a lot less…
The problem is you went a week or 3 without eating them foods, lost a little weight but then broke and ate them all anyway.
The weight came back and so now you’re confused because you lost weight not eating carbs so unsure if that works or not?
Then also a little frustrated as, yet again, you’ve dropped weight but gained it all back again 🤯
So what do you do then?
Let’s start by not cutting out all the foods you enjoy eh?!
How about you just moderate them a little better so that you can maybe eat 3 slices of pizza instead of 6 🍕
🍩1 donut instead of 2.
🍪4 biscuits instead of the pack?
This way you still get to eat what you want but also hit your weight loss goals. Neat uh?
This is how I work with my clients. I take them from eating their own diet to still eating THEIR OWN DIET 12 weeks later but adapted to the right proportions so they have lost the weight they wanted and can now continue to maintain it too!
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Who’d like to drop 20 lbs in 12 weeks time for Christmas? Boost their confidence? And eat what they enjoy while doing it too?
You in? Complete this application from right now and I’ll message you to see how I can help 👍
Your coach,

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