Why Failing To Plan Really Does Mean Planning To Fail In Your Weight Loss Journey

🤪Right now are you failing to plan and planning to fail?
How often do we set out a proper plan for the things we want and it works?
When you bought your first house, saved up for the deposit and started looking I bet it wasn’t just a “I’ll throw a few spondulies in the savings every so often” right?!
You no doubt had a plan, you saved up XXX each month so you could hit your goal by whatever date you planned on moving out.
Think about most things you have wanted and got… seriously have a think.
I bet the things you’ve actually succeeded in are the things you’ve planned for and set the right goals.
Losing that 20 lbs is no different.
And simply saying “I want to lose 20 lbs” doesn’t cut it either. That’s like saying “I want to save £20,000″… then popping off to the pub and expecting it to just happen.
You need a plan, you need to set your goals and you need to crush them!
So what is your goal for next week? What is the 1 thing you can do that will mean you’ll get to next Sunday and feel amazing for achieving? Let me know 👇
And if you’ve got the goal, you’ve had the goal for months now and you just can’t seem to get closer to it then I want you in my challenge tomorrow as chances are I can help you get on track!
If there’s spots left you’ll still be able to apply through the link here 👉 http://bit.ly/blitzthebellychallenge 👈
Your coach,

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