You Can’t Defy The Laws Of Weight Loss…

I have just finished writing an Instagram post before I came to write this email but I liked the message so much from the post that I’m going to leave it here for you to read too.

There’s a lot of numbers but I’ve kept it simple to illustrate a specific point…

The longer you give yourself for you weight loss goal the easier it will be.

I don’t want to take too much away from the post so here it is, or if you prefer you can just read it here on Instagram and if you do please give it a like and comment to let me know you came from here.

The post

😱 You can’t defy the laws of weight loss…

It’s a simple equation when you look at it.

The numbers are rough and can vary but let’s take 1lb of fat as the standard 3500 calories.

Let’s say you’re 30 pounds away from your dream body (That may seem high but quite often people heavily underestimate the amount they actually need to lose)

That means you need to be in a deficit of 30 x 3500 = 105,000 calories.

Seems like a lot right? That’s because it is. Now don’t get disheartened because it can be achieved and I do this with my clients but what you need to give me is time.

105,000 calories at a reasonable 500 calorie deficit means you’d lose them 30 pounds in roughly 30 weeks.

Play it a little more aggressively (based on a sensible approach not just starving yourself i.e. seek advice from a professional coach) and at a 1000 calorie deficit you may be able to do that in 15 weeks.

Now, for those that keep putting this off and off then come to me 6 weeks before they go away and ask “Can you help me get in shape? I’m heading out to Florida in 6 weeks?”

Let’s look at it:

That 105,000 calories you need to lose spread amongst the 6 weeks or 42 days is a 2500 calorie deficit PER DAY!

For an average guy with a maintenance of around 3000 calories you could only eat 500 calories per day.

For a woman who’s maintenance may be 2000 calories you’d have to, by some voodoo magic, manage to eat nothing and burn off an extra 500 calories 💀😵

I hope I didn’t lose you there in the numbers but overall the message is:

Give yourself as much time as possible to do this and it will be so so much easier.

A 500 calorie deficit is much easier to maintain and live with, you can even have a cookie… or 2.

Please don’t be the one I have to tell this to in 3 months time. If you want in then join me now and let’s do this, sensibly.

Your coach,

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